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This Surprising Factor May Raise Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Time Magazine

“The study provides more evidence that blood pressure may be one of the many factors that can contribute to aging brain processes, including the formation of lesions and hallmark features of diseases like Alzheimer’s”

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Watch Out for False Promises About So-Called Alzheimer’s Cures

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“The FDA issues warning letters to advise the companies to change or remove claims about their products that render the products misbranded or otherwise illegally marketed, and if the companies don’t comply, the FDA may take further legal action to prevent the products from reaching consumers.”

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If You're Often Angry Or Irritable, You May Be Depressed

“Many people, including physicians, associate depression with feelings of hopelessness, sadness and a lack of motivation or concentration, but not anger. Some researchers say that's a problem, given that there appears to be a strong link between irritability and depression.”

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“Courtesy of Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging, Your Online Guide to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.”

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